Moore No. 1-1/2 Precision Jig Borer, Remanufactured by Moore in early 2000’s, ef. # 11171

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Moore No. 1-1/2 Precision Jig Borer: Serial Number J821, Remanufactured by Moore in early 2000’s

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The 1-1/2 features close tolerance ways and slides.

Variable speed spindle 120 to 2400 RPM

Vee and flat ways, no gibs, longer life.

No overhang of table or slide.

Two Spindle feeds 0.001 or 0.003 inches per revolution.

Single lever front and back table clamps, non


More accessible cross clamps, all non-influencing.

Protected chrome plated dials and reference scales.

Micro-setting of Vernier dials.

1-3/8” diameter Nitroloy lead screws.

220/440 volt 60 cycle 3 phase power wired 220 Volt.

10” x 16” Table

Table Travel Longitudinal 14 Inches

Table Travel Crosswise 9 Inches

Table Top to spindle end 3 to 16 inches.

Vertical adjustment of quill housing 9 inches.

Spindle quill travel 3-7/8 inches.

Equipped With:

Moore Tool Desk

Criterion Boring Head

12 Moore Collet Holders

2 Moore Boring Heads

Albrecht Chuck with Moore Shank and Rohm Chuck with With Moore Shank

Excellent Condition

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Price: 2250.00